VIDEO: Honda Kokoro No. 4 – “Peter’s Passion”

Peter Cunningham is among the pantheon of greatest drivers to ever hustle a Honda around a race track. If you don’t know of the man and consider yourself a Honda head, shame on you; he and his RealTime Racing team are part of the reason why the auto brand has such a storied heritage in road racing, finding success in a variety of platforms, from the Civic, Integra, NSX, and Prelude to the TSX and TLX. As of 2018, Cunningham is the youngest race driver to be inducted into the SCCA Hall of Fame and the winningest SCCA Pro Racing World Challenge Driver; he’s also an 18-time champion of ice racing, pro rally, and professional road racing. And Cunningham has one of the most prolific Honda collections you will ever lay eyes on.

The RealTime Collection Hall outside of Milwaukee, Wisc. is North America’s largest privately held display of vintage Hondas and Acuras, at last count exhibiting some 45 different models over the brand’s half century-plus Stateside. Our friends at Honda recently received a tour of the place and produced this edit of the experience, with Cunningham serving as tour guide to point out some highlights from his massive garage.

It began as a collection of cars related to the racers Cunningham competed in but ended up including much more, like a first-gen. Civic CVCC, 1991 Honda Civic wagon with RealTime 4WD (which apparently has a cult following), and even a replica of the original Honda storefront from the late 1950s. Our ears perked up for the DC2 Integra Type R in every color they came in (and even a couple of JDM versions), and while the video’s hosts didn’t talk about it we got all kinds of nostalgic seeing the RTR drift S2000 chillin’ with the rest of the collection.

We’re told the RealTime Collection Hall is not open to the public but could be made available for enthusiasts with a good story. If the pressure to come up with a convincing narrative is too great, we’d suggest enjoying “Peter’s Passion” to see what you’re missing.

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