The first black-and-silver Dale Earnhardt stock car just sold for $200,000

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A 1977 Chevrolet Nova raced by the Intimidator himself just sold for $209,000 at Barrett-Jackson’s Palm Beach auction. Likely a contributing factor to the car’s impressive auction result, other than its race-winning provenance with Dale Earnhardt behind the wheel, is that this car represents the origin of Earnhardt’s signature black-and-silver GM Goodwrench paint scheme. Interestingly, … Continue reading “The first black-and-silver Dale Earnhardt stock car just sold for $200,000”

The Acura Era Begins – Long Beach GP 2019

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After a 44-year partnership with the city of Long Beach and its Grand Prix Association, Toyota announced in August of 2018 it was pulling out of the classic race. With its American corporate HQ moved from nearby Torrance, Calif., to Plano, Texas, it just didn’t make any sense to sponsor the event any further, so … Continue reading “The Acura Era Begins – Long Beach GP 2019”

Nissan 370Z 50th Anniversary Edition Gets a Retro Color Scheme

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Nissan used the 2019 New York auto show to unveil the 50th Anniversary Edition of its 370Z sports car. The special model marks five decades since the original Z car, known in the States as the Datsun 240Z, made its U.S. debut in New York back in 1969. Available on four trims including the Nismo, … Continue reading “Nissan 370Z 50th Anniversary Edition Gets a Retro Color Scheme”

2019 California Festival of Speed

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It’s been five fun years since I decided to try my hand at full-time freelance photography and writing, and over a decade since I moved out to SoCal to work for the now exclusively digital-format Import Tuner magazine. Name a popular event in automotive enthusiast circles and chances are I’ve covered it. From Hot Import … Continue reading “2019 California Festival of Speed”

Formula DRIFT Long Beach 2019

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Not to get all sappy and sentimental, but we love Formula DRIFT Long Beach. It’s one of two rounds Southern California gets (yep, totally spoiled) each year from the pro drifting series, and a really cool confluence of the extended tuner industry family, no joke—like, SEMA Show levels of running into industry friends. It heightens … Continue reading “Formula DRIFT Long Beach 2019”

Super Street June 2019 Issue Preview

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2020 Toyota Supra: The Aftermarket’s Take

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Given the history of the nameplate, the 2020 Toyota Supra has some very big shoes to fill—especially for the enthusiast community that worships the previous Mk IV Supra like a four-wheeled, boost-hungry god. This new Supra is undoubtedly very different from the last, but inquiring minds still want to know: How will it take to … Continue reading “2020 Toyota Supra: The Aftermarket’s Take”

4 Piston's K-Series Billet Cylinder Head

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Images by 4 Piston Racing If you’re looking to go full tilt on your next K-series build, 4 Piston Racing’s gorgeous billet cylinder head should be at the top of your parts wish list. Designed for max-effort, naturally aspirated, alcohol drag race engines, the 4 Piston’s billet head is designed to increase power beyond 11,000 … Continue reading “4 Piston's K-Series Billet Cylinder Head”

2019 Hot Wheels Legends Tour: Miami

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If your obsessions with cars began as a child, then chances are you had a sizeable collection of Hot Wheels scattered throughout your room. It’s no secret the Hot Wheels brand is globally recognized, and in case you weren’t aware, the infatuation with these highly-detailed, micro-sized dream cars has only gained momentum over the years. … Continue reading “2019 Hot Wheels Legends Tour: Miami”

Odi Bakchis Takes Formula D Round 1

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The 2019 Formula DRIFT pro drifting championship roared to life over the weekend, the sweet song of 2JZ, LS V-8, and other wound up power plant platforms echoing off the surrounding downtown high rises, the fog of burnt up tires billowing up from the Long Beach Convention Center parking lot. Southern California offered up perfect … Continue reading “Odi Bakchis Takes Formula D Round 1”